Jobby Is Specialized and Technology Driven

Jobby is a pioneer job site in the world with over 10 million unique visitors every month. Every day we connect thousands of potential job seekers with the company of their match and give them a platform to speak directly through live interviews.
Our specialization is in India and other Asian markets to help employers from Canada and US find the human resource they are looking for. Jobby offers number of technology-driven tools to give job seekers an edge in their applications and interviews.
We organize the world’s talent by providing specialized insights and relevant connections tailored to specific professions and industries in the USA and Canada. Jobby understands that technology powers companies and professionals power technology for which we quickly deliver the opportunities, insights and connections technology professionals and employers need to move forward.

Jobby Gives A Technological Driven Edge To Employers And Job Seekers By Helping Them Connect Better Through One Way Interviews, Job Boards, Shared White Boards, And Live Interviews.

Get Your Dream Job through Live Interviews

We give you the best the industry has to offer. Jobby gives you the edge you require in securing your dream job in US or Canada. Our platform is technology driven to allow you to give live interviews from anywhere in the world, particularly India and Asia.
You can speak directly to the recruiter and allow your personality to take precedence over obsolete telephonic interviews and lengthy resumes. Jobbystrives to put job seekers first by giving you free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.

Jobby Offers Live Interviews With Potential Companies In The USA And Canada To Allow You To Broaden Your Horizons And Secure The Position You Want.

Get Better With Jobby Interview Analytics

You win some and you lose some. This is what job search is all about. But, Jobby doesn’t just stop at helping you secure a job interview. We go a step further by recording the interview and making it available for analysis. Our state-of-art algorithms analyze the interview to help you understand your weaknesses and profile better.
Our job at Jobby is not just to help job seekers find the next available job listing, get them connected to the firm, or assist in live interviews. Our job at Jobby is to help job seekers find the right job for them and help them secure that job. To this effect, you can greatly benefit from the live interview recording and analytics.
We also help the employer go back and reconnect with the interview to make a sound decision of hiring you. This is what gives you the edge over personal interviews. Recruiters are human who forget things and may not always be present mentally in an interview. Recorded interviews allow recruiters to go back and identify critical aspects they missed out. Sometimes, the small details make all the difference in getting the job.

Jobby Helps People Get The Job They Dream Of Through Live Video Recording And Analysis And Sharing Which Allows You To Make The Best Decisions By Unlocking Employment Insights.

Our Mission

We started Jobby to solve one basic problem. Too many talented and well-matched resources from Asian countries go unheard or unrealized because of a lack of infrastructure. Phones and written communication just doesn’t cut it when you are applying for a position to your dream job in USA or Canada.
Jobby connects people from all over the world through one unique state-of-the-art platform. Now, job seekers can truly connect on a global level with employers who are looking for them.

Jobby Is All About Making Good Ideas From People In Asia And Other Countries Get Heard By The Top Companies In US And Canada.